showroomFor over thirty years people have trusted us with their
most precious gift,
their vision,
and we appreciate it.

In return we remain committed to having the most modern technology and methods to diagnose and treat your medical eye problems.

Sometimes you need more than your vision examined and a new pair of eyeglasses. You might have glaucoma, an eye infection or cataracts. Maybe you were at work and got something in your eye. Regardless, medical eye care is nearby! Aldridge Eye Institute is dedicated to acquiring the latest technology and procedures in providing you a full range of medical eye care services. This means that for most of your medical eye problems you no longer have to make the lengthy trips to a major medical center.

Good vision begins with annual vision examinations. Aldridge Eye Institute recommends these annual exams for several reasons:• Many pediatric learning disorders are a result of undetected vision problems
Dry Eye Seal
• Many eye diseases, such as glaucoma, are not detected by the patient until considerable permanent vision loss has occurred
• Changes in vision prescription left unchecked can cause eyestrain and discomfort.
• As we age, our body changes, and these changes can include vision problems you may never have experienced before.
So keep your eyes healthy and keep your vision sharp. Have your vision examined yearly.